The Fear

That fear that you'd hurt her somewhere along the way.
That fear that she will never remember you.
The hate that you might have failed her.


cze/"en": Před rokem dala jsi mi křídla. Z těch výšin, kam mě donesla, bez nich dodnes padám zpět do hlubin | One year ago you gave me wings. From those highs where they took me I've been still falling back to the depths.

Looking at that picture just one year old 
and thinking how far we got from each other on the road 
we walked together for so long.
I still remember that ticklish feeling 
when my wings started growing 
after our first kiss 
and I still remember that agony when they were cut off. 
I wonder when these wounds will stop bleeding.
I miss you, Mó... I still miss you...

Noc co noc, den co den, stýská se mi,
jako bych nevěděl, ptám se, kde Tě mám?...